"I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain."
-Bright Star

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anniversary weekend

Well, ideally, I would have loved to take Jordan out to our favorite city, San Francisco, for our one year anniversary, but many things permitted us from traveling. So instead, I did my best to bring San Francisco to us.

Our favorite place to eat on Pier 39 is Chowders...  

So I made us clam chowder in bread bowls and brought "Chowders" to our kitchen... Not as good.. but very close of course..  ;)

(Unfortunately, I remembered to take pictures after we ate, so the bread bowl is entirely destroyed and does not look as appetizing as it was :) 

We stayed in our (don't laugh!) Bed and Breakfast in the "Bay View" Suite..

( "White Gown"... Wedding anniversary.. Get it? Get it? =D )

..Which, of course, would never be complete without a bay view..

(..Ok, NOW you can laugh..)

..Here's the effect with the light off, in case you wanted to see the magic of the city lights in its full glory :)

And our fantastic bayside Bed and Breakfast could never be complete without Ghiradelli chocolate (as seen above), pictures of the beautiful Golden Gate, and fishy midnight snacks..

Fun :)

..That was Friday night, our anniversary was on Sunday..

Saturday, we bought our wedding anniversary gift (a new camcorder! =D ..which I documented most of the rest of our weekend with), went to a 50's diner for lunch, and, in the evening, went to a County Fair.. :)

and on SUNDAY the 21st, the ACTUAL year mark, we drove to the BEAUTIFUL Mesa Falls..

..where we found a spot to enjoy a delicious cupcake picnic! :)

Kaitlynn, of course, was good the whole time :) .. 

( Isn't she cute! =D )
 And that evening we had a delicious shrimp pasta! yum :)

Allllmost forgot to mention what we wore that day to church!!
Jordan wore his wedding suit and I wore a white dress with my wedding shoes.
Ah! I love symbolism. =)

Too much fun. =)

We had such a great weekend! <3 <3

The HAPPIEST wedding anniversary of my entire life!! :)

Love you, My Jordan. <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kaitlynn's Baby Blessing

Oh my word, there were just TOO many cute pictures from this weekend that I cannot refrain from posting most of what I took! If you don't feel like observing ALOT of pictures.. leave this post NOW!!

The documentation of Uncle Matt holding Kaitlynn for the first time...

 ..She got a little bit fussy..

 ..But calmed down quickly afterward. :)

Grandpa Harrison holding Kaitlynn for the first time

Kimberly and William, these next two are for you... Three words..

Kaitlynn looked so confused.. "Waaaiiitt.. you're not my Daddy?...":)
Mom looks like an angel in this one.
Also, this was the SECOND time she had re-met Kaitlynn
and she is wearing the same shirt she wore
when she FIRST met Kaitlynn in the hospital! <3
How sweet :)

Cutie :)
Daddy and baby

We went swimming :)

The Tait and Harrison family! =D

Grandma Tait :)

The baby blesser :)
I made her headband! :)
Doesn't she look like an angel? :)

                Kaitlynn Elizabeth was blessed on the 14th of August, 2011.

                                                 <3 <3 <3