"I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain."
-Bright Star

Sunday, October 2, 2011

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today..

I've realized that I am old now because I used to sit through Conference Weekend thinking, "How can anyone sit inside for THIS long all weekend!" ..Not that I didn't enjoy it or anything, it just felt like a very long time to be inside. But now I look forward to Conference as though it is Christmas time! haha I love it!

For anyone that was able to see it, my two FAVORITE parts were President Monson's "Hello." and his "...Star Valley, Wyoming!" (**Pause** **Hold adorable cheesy smile**) Haha!
Oh those were hilarious moments. I love that man. :)

Of course there were other favorite parts too, like the actual amazing messages, but those were my favorite parts to laugh at. :)

Loved it! <3
Anyway, I have been trying to get a post up for about a week now and just thought that I would post a few pictures while I had a minute to do so.

Fell asleep while I was changing her on the drier :)

..It was just too cute not to capture on camera
On her two-month birthday, we put her in her favorite party dress

"IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!" haha..
The day this was taken, Kaitlynn and Mommy wanted to stay in pajamas all day..

Note the ADORABLE puppy slippers, compliments of Godmother Chelsea :)
Fell asleep chewing on her hand :) ..It's early, but she's teething! (We noticed a tiny white nub of tooth TODAY!!)

..Sitting up like a big girl haha :)
I LOVE that she still occasionally crosses her legs as though she's in the womb! :) SO CUTE!!
She smiles alot now, which I can NOT get enough of! :)
..more smiles :)

Cute little bow :)

Cute little face :)

We love our pretty little Kaitlynn <3


  1. I loooove this! Thanks so much for posting this, Heath. Kaitlynn is the best! I love her puppy slippers, her fluffy dress, her cutest face, and this adorable smile I am seeing for the first time!!! She just makes me laugh and cry and laugh again. :)

  2. OH my gosh! i fall more in love with her everyday! :) cutest baby! cutest parents! i just cant get enough! love you all much! so happy to be part of the family ;)